Youth Group

Ketumati Vihara Youth Group

Ketumati Buddhist Vihara - Youth Group

The Ketumati Buddhist youth group was established on April 2nd, 2022, with the aim of engaging youth and adolescents within the Buddhist community. Members of the Ketumati Youth Group are our current Dhamma School children who are in their secondary school age (year 7 and above), as well as our past Dhamma School children who are currently in school education, higher education, or employment.

Children who attend the monthly Dhamma School at Ketumati Vihara typically leave when they are between 14 and 16 years old. Once they have left, these children often go their separate ways, and their engagement with the temple and Buddhism seems to be minimal.

Thus, creating a platform for these children to engage with the temple and follow Buddhist traditions is essential to ensure that we have a generation that adheres to the values of Buddhism. Additionally, we can nurture a group of people who can provide support to the temple, enabling it to sustain and thrive in the future. The main aim of this group is to form a committee of youths, actively support and get them involved in decision-making, and encourage their participation in events held by the temple.

We hope that you could encourage your child to join Ketumati Youth Group and be a part of the youth Buddhist community. If your son or daughter would like to become a member, please get in touch with the temple.

Opening statement from Ketumati Buddhist Youth Group Secretary

This is a great opportunity for us young people to understand the events and to know more about the temple and its practices. Creating this group has also provided us with a platform to make friends and meet others with similar backgrounds. Moreover, working in this group will give us much-needed experience in various skills such as organising, communicating, presenting and teamwork.

We are looking forward to welcoming many more young people like us to join our association. If you are interested in joining us, please let Temple know and we can add you to the group.

Theruwan saranai..!