Ketumati Vihara

Ketumati Buddhist Vihara, presently based in Brooklands, Wythenshawe is the premium Buddhist Vihara in Greater Manchester for the Sri Lankan expatriate community of the NorthWest of UK.

Ketumati Buddhist Vihara

Welcome to Ketumati Buddhist Vihara, the premium Buddhist Vihara in Greater Manchester for the Sri Lankan expatriate community of the North West of the UK. Established in 1999, Ketumati Buddhist Vihara is run by the Ketumati Buddhist Vihara Trust, a registered charity. The Vihara is located in Brooklands, Wythenshawe and is led by Venarable Pidiville Piyatissa, the Chief Incumbent Priest.

The main objective of the Trust is to set up centers for the teaching of Buddha Dharma (Theravada) and the teaching of Buddhist Meditation. At Ketumati Buddhist Vihara, we hold monthly Dhamma Sermons conducted by experienced teachers, meditation retreats, and classes in Buddha Dhamma and Sinhala for the children of the expatriate community at Ketumati Dhamma School.

In the tradition of Sri Lankan Buddhist temples, Ketumati Vihara acts as a central hub for dissemination of Sri Lankan cultural and aesthetic aspects through celebration of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in April every year. Katina Ceremony, which takes place at the end of October, marks the end of Vassana each year and galvanizes the age-old tradition of interdependence and barter between the Sanga (monk preachers) and the lay community (the recipients of the knowledge of Buddha’s teaching and meditative techniques). Offering and participation in the preparation of the Katina Chivara (robe presented to the elected recipient monk) is deemed as an act of great and non-super-passable merit.

In addition to providing outreach pastoral services to its catchment Sri Lankan population in the North West and beyond, Ketumati Buddhist Vihara provides counselling for members of the local community belonging to non-Buddhist denominations at times of great personal loss, upheaval, and disharmony. At times of bereavement (Pansukula), and family celebrations (Birth and Marriage), we provide pastoral services to our community members.

We welcome you to Ketumati Buddhist Vihara, and we hope you will join us in our efforts to promote the teachings of Buddha Dharma and the practice of meditation in the North West of the UK.