Mindfulness Day Camp – Sati Pasala

Event Date

2023 May 14

Start Time

10:00 AM

Sati Pasala Mindfulness Day Camp

Venue: Ketumati Buddhist Vihara, Manchester

Date and Time: 14th May 2023, 10am to 3pm

We are delighted to get the opportunity to welcome a distinguished group of representatives from the UK Sati Pasala Branch on Sunday 14th May to our temple premises to run a Mindfulness Day Camp for our Dhamma School children. It is a day programme running between 10am and 3pm and will replace the monthly Dhamma School scheduled to take place this coming Sunday, 14th May. Sati Pasala is a Mindfulness school established in Sri Lanka in March 2016 with the aim of sharing mindfulness with students, teachers and other members of our community. The UK Sati Pasala branch has been conducting programmes in UK since September 2019.


Mindfulness is classically defined as the ability to repeatedly bring our bare attention, on purpose, to the present moment, non-judgementally. There are many proven benefits to practicing mindfulness including being better able to cope with stress, anxiety and better emotional regulation. Neuroscientific research during the past two decades has convincingly shown how mindfulness results in certain areas of the brain undergoing demonstrable structural changes to enable these qualities.


Sunday’s programme will consist of a range of activities to help introduce mindfulness to children of varying ages (and parents are recommended to take part with children). This is an effort to increase the awareness of the benefits of practicing mindfulness among our children and by means of getting them involved in some simple activities to encourage them practice it as a daily habit.


The following is an indicative line up of activities on the day. This is an interactive session with opportunities for discussion and asking questions.


  1. Introduction, Ice Breaker and Mind Jar Activity
  2. Mindful Walking Activity
  3. Mindful Sitting Activity
  4. Lunch Break (with guidance on mindful eating)
  5. Mindful Game 1 (Collecting Straws)
  6. Mindful Game 2 (Ball Game)
  7. Winding Down and End of Session


If your child/children would like to attend the session kindly complete the below google form – WE WOULD LIKE TO HERE ABOUT YOUR ATTENDANCE BEFORE 12NOON ON FRIDAY THE 12TH MAY




We would like parents also to take part in the event, but we need to make sure we provide children with a quiet space and a peaceful environment to take part in various activities and discussions throughout the day.  As we also aim to organise some outdoor activities in the temple car parking space (weather permitted) we would encourage parents to park vehicles in Crew Road opposite the temple entrance.


We intend to take photos to capture some of the activities and discussions taking place on the day to include in the temple website and the website dedicated for the Sathi Pasala. If any parent has obligation in their children’s appearance on these websites, please indicate that in the google form or inform the temple prior to the event taking place on 14th May.

As this is a day event we would like to receive your support organising lunch, tea and coffee for delegates, children and parents attending the event. If you wish to bring any dishes or other essentials required, please contact the temple or use the following link to reserve them.



We are looking forward to seeing as many of our children taking part in this important event. If you have any questions or need to know more about the event, please contact the temple.


Theruwan Saranai..!

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