Celebration ceremony for Sangha Nayakanuprapthi

Event Date

2023 December 10

Start Time

8:00 AM

It gives us great pride and joy to let you know that, the Most Venerable Pidiville Piyatissa Nayaka Thero, the monk in charge of the Ketumati Buddhist Vihara of Manchester, the Leeds Buddhist Vihara and Sumamanasaramaya of Tulawala Sri Lanka; has been appointed as the Chief Sangha Nayaka for England by the Karaka Sangha Sabha of the Siyamopali Maha Viharawansika Maha Nikaya, Malwatta Chapter Kandy Sri Lanka.

This esteemed title was bestowed on Venerable Piyatissa Nayaka Thero at a special meeting of the said Karaka Sangha Sabha on 29th of May 2023; in recognition of the great services rendered to the dissemination of Theravada Buddhism among the people of the United Kingdom by the establishment of Buddhist institutions, such as Ketumati Buddhist Vihara in Manchester and the Buddhist Vihara in Leeds.

Ketumati Buddhist Vihara Manchester and the Trust will be holding a Ceremony of Celebration of the Sanga-Nayakanuprapthi of the Most Venerable Piyatissa Nayaka Thero, in appreciation of his magnanimous contribution to the development and dissemination of Theravada Buddhism and Buddhist Meditation in the North of England and beyond.

The very popular Ketunmati Dhamma Schools held in Manchester and Stoke on Trent and the Leeds Buddhist Vihara Dhamma School, have benefitted the children of the North of England enormously from Venerable Piyatissa’s dedicated leadership and vision.

This Sangha-Nayakanupraapthi Celebration has been fixed for the afternoon of 10th December 2023 and will take place at the Ketumati Buddhist Vihara (Manchester), 21 Moor Road, Wythenshawe M23 9BQ. Two most venerable Nayaka Theros from Siyamopali Maha Viharavansika Maha Nikaya, Malwatta Chapter, Kandy, would be participating in the Ceremony, gracing the occasion. You would be apprised of more details of this event nearer to the date. Please keep this date free on your calendar.

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