Ketumati Buddhist Vihara

The Premium Theravada Buddhist Vihara in Greater Manchester, North West of the UK

Ketumati Buddhist Vihara, presently based in Brooklands, Wythenshawe is the premium Buddhist Vihara in Greater Manchester. It is run by the Ketumati Buddhist Vihara Trust, a registered charity founded in 1999. Venarable Pidiville Piyatissa, with whose guidance the Vihara project was inaugurated, under the guidelines of its governing document, functions as the Chief Incumbent Priest.

At Ketumati, we strive to provide a peaceful and welcoming environment for individuals of all backgrounds to learn about Buddhism, practice meditation, and connect with the community. Our temple offers a range of activities and events, including monthly Dhamma sermons, meditation retreats, and classes in Buddha Dhamma and Sinhala for children through our Ketumati Dhamma School. Our youth group provides a supportive and inclusive space for teenagers and young adults to come together, learn about Buddhism, practice and participate in community service projects.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our temple and community. Thank you for visiting Ketumati Buddhist Vihara.

Member Benefits


Meditation encompasses a variety of meditation techniques.

Dhamma School

To educate the young children of the Buddhist community in the region.

Youth Group

To engaging youth and adolescents within the Buddhist community.

Dhamma Deshana

Dhamma Desana, or the Buddha’s teachings, are an integral part of Ketumati Buddhist Vihara.


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Who We Are?

Most Ven. Pidiville Piyatissa Thero

Most Ven. Galpottayaye Pemananda Thero

Rev. Maholawa Ariyadhamma Thero

Rev. Hadaganawe Sumanathissa Thero

Our Programs

Daily, Weekly and Monthly programs conducted by Ketumati Buddhist Viharaya.

Daily Programs

Every day at 7.00 am & 7 pm, Buddha Puja, Vandana, Meditation and Chanting.

Weekly Programs

Wednesday from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm – Meditation and Dhamma discussion in English.

Monthly Programs

First Saturday : Monthly Dhamma sermon from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm

First Sunday : The day retreat from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Upcoming Events

All religious activities and social events organized by Ketumati Buddhist Vihara…
Wesak Ceremony, Thorana and Dansala. 2024
Event Date

2024 May 25

Start Time

6:00 PM

Dhamma Deshana

Dhamma Desana, or the Buddha’s teachings, are an integral part of Ketumati Buddhist Vihara. The Vihara hosts monthly Dhamma Sermons conducted by experienced teachers, which offer guidance and insight into Buddhist principles and practices…

“දසබලසේලප්පභවා නිබ්බාන මහා සමුද්ද පරියන්තා අට්ඨංගමග්ගසලිලා ජිනවචනනදී චිරං වහතූති...”

“දසබලයන් වහන්සේ නමැති ශෛලමය පර්වතයෙන් පැන නැගී, අමා මහ නිවන නම් වූ මහා සාගරය අවසන් කොට ඇති, ආර්ය අෂ්ඨාංගික මාර්ගය නම් වූ සිහිල් දිය දහරින් හෙබි, උතුම් ශ්‍රී මුඛ බුද්ධවචන ගංගාවෝ (ලෝ සතුන්ගේ සසර දුක නිවාලමින්) බොහෝ කල් ගලා බස්නා සේක්වා..!”

(සළායතන වර්ගය – උද්දාන ගාථා)
“Having sprung from the stone rock named Dasabala and finished the great ocean called Ama Maha Nivana, With the subtle waters called the Noble Eightfold Path, May the noble Sri Mukha Buddhavachana Ganga (relieving the sufferings of earthly beings) flow for a long time..!”

(Salayatana Wagga – Uddana Gatha)